India Penke: G. Kothapalli

Village: G. kothapalli Well Depth: 125 feet G. Kothapalli is a village in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The “G” in its name references the neighboring village of Gudimetta. G. Kothapalli is very rocky in parts, but farming … Continue reading

A well in India

Completed well by Rev. Samson in India. Rev. Samson has been working with Hydromissions to provide water in areas of despearte need around India. Recently, he has identified several more well sites. Please continue to pray for Rev. Samson as … Continue reading

New well in Cameroon

Completed well by Vise Chin in Cameroon. Vice has recently completed a scouting trip for Hydromissions in which he has identified six new sites. Please pray for Vice as he will be attempting to bring clean drinking water to many … Continue reading

Update on Uganda

Associate Cait Terry is leading a team to Uganda in June/July. The team will be working with our Community Needs (OCONE) and Message of Hope Ministries. They will be serving in two different villages and include teaching the locals how … Continue reading

A Report from Nepal

Thank you all for your prayers for our Nepal project! (October 7 – 20) The trip started of with a 5 day journey by Associates Cait and Jennifer to get to the Manzalpur Village.  The work of this project was … Continue reading