Low-Tech Engineering

Here is a great article we found on Popular Mechanics about the power of low-tech engineering. Check it out here!

Nifty Little PVC Cutting Tool

Check out this neat tool that would help anyone who is interested in making their own “homemade” screen.

Incase you are wondering – the screen in a well is the section of pipe at the bottom of the well that lets the water in. Homemade screens are simply a 10 ft piece of pipe that you cut lots of small slits in so the water can pass through into your well.

This is a simple compact PVC cutting saw that could be easily carried anywhere in a suitcase.

A well in India

Completed well by Rev. Samson in India. Rev. Samson has been working with Hydromissions to provide water in areas of despearte need around India. Recently, he has identified several more well sites. Please continue to pray for Rev. Samson as he brings both clean water and God’s word to India.

New well in Cameroon

Completed well by Vise Chin in Cameroon. Vice has recently completed a scouting trip for Hydromissions in which he has identified six new sites. Please pray for Vice as he will be attempting to bring clean drinking water to many places around Cameroon in the next several months.