Our Mission

The goal of Hydromissions is to further the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide by providing safe water through low-tech and/or technologically appropriate products and services.

Our History

Steve and Jennifer Lorch - The Founders of Hydromissions InternationalHydromissions International was founded in 2004 by Steve and Jennifer Lorch as a way to address water problems in the developing world through appropriate, village-level technology. Originally an LLC, Hydromissions began by developing and manufacturing innovative, manually operated tools including water well drilling rigs, pumps, and filters for missionary and relief use. Understanding the need for hygiene and microenterprise, Jen researched and incorporated soap making into the water projects. As a way of saying thanks to our donors, we started producing a luxury soap line which became so popular that, by June 2006, it was in retail stores in 23 states. Proceeds from the soap helped fund even more water projects. Although successful, we did not want to be distracted from the water projects, so the soap line was sold in 2008 and was later discontinued. In February, 2008, Hydromissions restructured into a for-profit company and a non-profit (501(c)3) missions agency. The non-profit focused exclusively on international water projects, while the for-profit handled equipment sales, which funded the non-profit.

As the mission and outreach continued to grow, it was clear that more people were needed. Hydromissions relied on volunteer Associates and indigenous Consultants who were extensively trained to lead field projects and to train locals to be able to continue and replicate the process. In 2012, after traveling to over 30 countries and sensing the Lord’s calling to grow beyond themselves, the Lorches transferred control of the product line to Water Step in Louisville, KY. The non-profit was transferred to Radius Church in Lexington, SC. Both entities continue to grow and change as the Lord directs…

Our Future

Hydromissions will continue to serve communities around the world with low technology and or technologically appropriate services to provide clean water in Jesus’ name. As we add valuable team members and establish healthy partnerships, we will expand our ability to love and serve as many people as possible. We will be an organization that is courageous for the Gospel. We will be a team that works with and belives in one another. And, we will be a family that cares for those God brings to our path. Will you join us?