Restored Water Well Provides Access to the Gospel

Dsc07065Summer doesn’t seem so daunting this year in the small Indian village of Godicherla as Hydromissions has just equipped 350 more people with access to clean water. Godicherla, located in the Visakhapatanam District in the state of Andhra Pradesh is known for its dry heat and rocky soil.

A few months ago, a broken water well, located within the village, was a constant reminder of what was so badly needed but couldn’t be had. But through the grace of God, it is now a functioning well that brings much relief to villagers in Godicherla.

The people who live in the village are considered “backward caste” by the Indian government because of their educational and social disadvantages. With little education and even less money, working the land becomes essential for their livelihood.

Godicherla is home to many shepherds who need access to clean, drinkable water for their animals to thrive.

Agriculture is the main occupation of these villagers, and they depend on fresh water to grow their key crops. Summer time brings dry heat that is detrimental to the already imperfect soil.

Penke, a native Indian and a leader of Hydromissions, says, “Here people are under the poverty line and are troubled during the summer season because they depend on seasonal rains.”

With rivers and canals drying up during this time of the year, the pledge to fix this bore well provided the perfect avenue to share the good news of the Gospel and provide hope to the people of Godicherla.

“God opened the door to hear the Gospel with the promise of a new bore well,” says Penke.

The sound of a squeaky pump and the crisp splash of fresh, clean drinking water is truly a blessing for these villagers.