Monthly Archives: August 2012

How You Can Help From The States

Recently supplies were able to be sent to our Consultant Vise in Cameroon because of the support from our Hydromissions donors. We were able to ship a package to Vise packed with gloves, a camera, and some money for his … Continue reading

Greetings from Myanmar

Greetings from Myanmar! On July 2nd, one of our active members, 59 years old, passed away. He was of the Buddhist background of believers. Praise God for His faithful provisions. We were grieved and happy at the same time. Grieved … Continue reading

Water Crisis

Sometimes the sheer size of the water crisis can be overwhelming and somewhat enervating. I’ve helped drill two wells, a paltry accomplishment compared to the number of people still without clean drinking water. Are we even making a difference? I … Continue reading