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Two wells were installed in the Donga Mantung division of the northwest region of Cameroon. The project was to establish wells at a primary school at Equato/Fung village. Our project lead Vise Chin purchased all parts for this project at the local market. A two person team was sent to the village before-hand to gain the support and commitment from the community.
Equato/Fung is more than an eight hours drive from Barmenda, the headquarters Vise Chin and his team. Therefore, all the items were purchased in Bamenda and Douala then transported to the village. On January 10th, 2013 a team of four set out from Bamenda to Quato/Fung. Currently the children collect water from a river near their village. The first several attempts to drill were unsuccessful. Rock was consistently hit, which forced the team to move to a different site and try again. We had an active community participation of 12 people. While working, we also trained people from the community on how to drill boreholes and also responded to their questions. The first well ended up being approximately 48 feet deep. The second well ended up being approximately 46 feet deep. The boreholes were then cased; gravel was poured around the casing for filtration and a water treatment agent was added to help purify the water while killing bacteria. Mono pumps from India were purchased and used at these sites, due to their availability. Pressure pipes, instead of regular PVC pipes were used do to the loose nature of the terrain and the internal collapsing risks. The pipes that we initially considered using were too thin and not very strong, so we had to recommend more expensive, resistant pipes for the wells.
The sand and cement were then mixed for the concrete pad. After this was all completed, we then flushed the pump by having constant pumping of the well for over 6 hours. The community was very happy and grateful for their new water supply. There was lots of singing and joy when we finally hit water. The wells are to help the school children and other members of the community who are suffering from lack of water and water related diseases.



Hydromissions recently had the opportunity to continue its efforts in Uganda through the completion of another well project. Many children of Uganda suffer from waterborne and food related diseases including bacterial diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid.  Through your generous donations, Hydromissions is continually able to make an impact. Please be in prayer for the children of Uganda. Pray that God will make Hydromissions aware of other projects to complete this year in areas of real need.

India – Baramile

Baramile2 Baramile._

People served by the well: 200

Depth: 280 feet

Date: 7/13/2012

Well Needed Becuase in every summer all the Well dried up. and people had to travel long distance for drinking and water for daily use. So people are busy in carrying water upto noon time. and mother are aslo busy, so ladies are not able to cook food on proper time, take care of family. Mens not able to get any work for earning money. All people from this villages are Labour’s and Mason. very diffcult for them.

India – Gorahi

Gorahai they-are-happy Well-#4

People served by the well: 400
Depth: 260 feet
Date: 1/26/2012
This is the well given among the Chamar, Rajbanshi people groups  Because people over here they are using polluted water and for safe drinking water, they haveto walk distance. In Summer season was  very difficult days for them, after this well they are very happy.

India – Havatpur

Well._ Well- Pastor-praying-for-well

People served by the well – 200

Depth: 220 feet
Date: 11/3/2011
Well is needed because there was no safe or clean drinking water.  There were some old wells provided by the government, These well dried up in summer and they all have to walk long distance for taking safe water for their daily needs.  In this village there also many people come surrounding villages in every sunday. So, These people faces Lot’s problem about water.They are happy to see this well, they gave thank you to you all for this wonderful gift.

India – Jehenabad

jehanbad-well Jehanabad

Location: Jehanabad

People served by the well: 250

Depth: 230 feet

Date: 8/18/2011

Well was needed for people here because they have to walk 1 km for safe drinking water.  These people belong to the DALITS family and they are not allow to take drinking water from the well of upper cast people.

India – Palee Farm


village-Pali4 village-Pali3 village-Pali2 village-Pali1 Village-Pali

Location: Palee Farm

Date: 05/05/2011

Depth: 250 feet