Monthly Archives: April 2012

A New Partnership

Hydromissions International is pleased to announce our new partnership with Radius Church. You can the original letter or

Update on Uganda

Associate Cait Terry is leading a team to Uganda in June/July. The team will be working with our Community Needs (OCONE) and Message of Hope Ministries. They will be serving in two different villages and include teaching the locals how … Continue reading

A Report from Nepal

Thank you all for your prayers for our Nepal project! (October 7 – 20) The trip started of with a 5 day journey by Associates Cait and Jennifer to get to the Manzalpur Village.  The work of this project was … Continue reading


In March, 2009, Hydromissions founders, Steve and Jennifer Lorch flew to the town of Tuni in the State of Andra Pradesh to work with CCIMA Mission. Together, a well was put into a coastal area using a local sand drilling … Continue reading


In February, 2007, we traveled to this Northwest African nation to train several local and international missions groups in hand augering and in soap-making. All of the details and logistics were coordinated by nationals. We worked from Bamenda, with the … Continue reading